• Fishabitat

    The most well known and respected supplier and manufacturer  of customized aquariums and Koi Ponds in the Philippines.

    We Manufacture custom made Large Aquarium Sets, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls, and Waterwalls at your preferred style, color and size...

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  • Custom Made Large Aquarium Sets

    State of the art technologies and materials used for your specific requirements

    We specialize in supplying the local market with pets needs and  manufacturing of aquarium sets....

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  • See our Aquarium Gallery

    We have a wide range of Custom made tanks made for all our satisfied customers

    Browse our Aquarium products picture gallery and design your own. Let us know of your custom specifications and we can make it for you as per your requirements.

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    Check out the latest designs from us.

    Or if you have your own design and concept, we'd be happy to accomodate. Contact us for more details on your specific requirements

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We are committed in providing high quality services, effective guidance and the best personal advice. In Fishabitat we design and manufacture all our products based on customer’s requirements.

We manufacture a wide range of products: marine and freshwater aquariums , hole in the wall aquariums, rearing tanks, food fish displays tanks for restaurants, pondariums, terrariums, wall aquariums, foot spa tanks  and many more.